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If your POS system is deployed in a setting where methods of payment are processed then a cash drawer should be an integral part of the set up. The cash drawer is a secure and organized way to manage the different forms of payment in one place during hours of operation or per shift. An electronic cash drawers are triggered by your POS software to pop open only when payment is accepted. This allows for a greater measure of security.

  POS Cash Drawer

POS Cash Drawer
POS - APG - LD800

POS Cash Drawer - AGP Cash Drawer

The DS3408 combines digital image capability with the power to read all 1D and 2D symbologies in a rugged unit.

POS Cash Drawer
POS - APG - 400D

POS Cash Drawer - AGP Cash Drawer

Heavy duty metal housing, with keylock and rugged steel ball bearing rollers,
including strong ABS bill.

POS Cash Drawer
POS - APG - Series100

POS Cash Drawer - AGP Cash Drawer

The Series 100 cash drawer offers heavy-duty performance and an external media slot.











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Most people use printer-driven cash drawers to ensure compatibility and ease of set up. These cash drawers are also less expensive than the direct connect cash drawers.

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