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A pole display is connected to the host POS computer and conveniently communicates the transaction total to the customer. Two main types of customer displays exist on the market today, the pole-mount display and the counter-mount display.

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POS Pole Display
POS - Symbol - DM - D110

POS Pole Display

Epson's DM-D110 customer display provides superior clarity and readability to customers by offering a large, high resolution.

POS Pole Display
POS - Symbol - DM - D210

Point of sale Pole Display

The Epson DM-210 pole display provides clarity and ease of reading with a 2-line by 20-column format and easy-swivel head.

POS Pole Display
POS - Symbol - DM - D805

POS Pole Display

Epsonīs DM-D805 all-in-one pole display kit contains everything you need to provide your customers with easy-to-read information.










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The Epson DM-110 has the flexibility to run many different software emulations and with pass-through mode enabled, can connect directly to an Epson receipt printer.

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